Your Money Crisis Game Plan

The climactic crescendo to the greatest economic collapse is nearing, with an estimated time of arrival in the next 6-18 months.

The Fed gave away 16 TRILLION Dollars of our money to the elite bankers,
but since the elite own the media, most people didn’t hear about it.

  • Food prices are rising dramatically.
  • Gas prices are over $4/gallon with the potential for $5 gas in the summer.

Looming hyperinflation will make the Dollar and any paper assets (401k’s, IRA’s, bonds, stocks) practically WORTHLESS.

  • Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke foretold that he will devalue the Dollar by 40%.
  • The European Union is faltering, with Greece bankrupt and Spain pulling out.

Throw in wildcards from…

  • An attack on Iran, which would shut down 20% of the world’s oil exports
    and immediately double the price of gas, and potentially start WWIII
  • A dramatic increase in natural disasters, especially earthquakes, with California and the New Madrid fault in the Midwest overdue for a big quake.

And frankly, I think you’d have be crazy NOT to make preparations.

It’s easy to see how the support structure in America could shut down quickly, leaving millions, especially those in cities, without food, water, electricity, internet access, mobile phone communications and police protection.

And when the support system fails and people are without food, water, electricity, etc., the THIN veneer of civility will be removed and cities
will be overrun with crime.

If you haven’t taken action to prepare, we’re in the calm before the storm. Once a crisis hits, it’s too late to prepare.

The writing is on the wall. The most successful and wealthy individuals
I know are making significant preparations for a national emergency.

Because when the crisis happens, it’s TOO LATE to prepare.

Preparing for a crisis can seem overwhelming at first, but when you get educated and implement a game plan, you will feel less stress and more secure.

Here’s the basic steps that I recommend, based on my training from financial mentors and preparedness coaches:

Protect Your Savings and Increase Your Wealth

The prices of food and goods are rising, so you need to take action just to stay ahead.  But the economic crisis is getting worse and paper assets may lose most or all of their value, so you need to learn how to protect your money.

Get financial education from The Elevation Group to learn how to protect your money and create wealth.  Watch this video from Mike Dillard

Learn why you should Buy Silver Bullion to protect your savings. 
Watch this video from Mike Maloney

Learn how to increase your income, reduce your taxes, save money, and reduce your expenses, on the Increase Cashflow Page

You Need A Reliable Source Of Clean Water

Weather has caused severe drought in the U.S. recently, and if a disaster happens close to you, it may cut off the municipal water system, so you need to be prepared, because having clean water is your top priority.

Big Berkey Water FilterThe versatile Berkey water filters are the ideal system for use at home, as they effectively remove harmful chemicals.

And they’re a must in emergency situations where electricity, water pressure, or treated water may not be available; to filter water from a lake, river, stagnant ponds, etc.
I like the Big Berkey model with flouride and arsenic filters.
For more info, click on Berkey Water Filters

Katadyn Water FiltersTop-rated portable Katadyn water filters are used by the military to create clean water in outdoor environments.

I prefer the Katadyn Expedition Group Filter which can filter
1 gallon per minute from streams, lakes, etc., to have safe drinking water for my family.

The Katadyn Pocket Filter will provide for a couple of people.
Their Salt Water Filters convert ocean water to safe drinking water.
For more info, click on Katadyn Water Filters

You Need Long Food Storage

During a crisis, food shortages will become a huge challenge, and you don’t want to compete with everyone else at the grocery store, so stock up on long-term storage foods now

Meal Replacement Shakes can be a great source of needed protein, carbs and fat, and since they come in powder form, they are lightweight.  I like Muscle Milk products and buy them at to save money.
Take $10.00 Off Your $200 Order! Use coupon code: 10off200

Be Prepared To Leave In A Moments Notice Plan

Fires and severe weather storms can cause you to have to leave your home quickly, and you won’t have much time to gather together the essentials.

Nitro Pak Executive 72 Hour KitHave an emergency ‘Go Bag’ that gives you everything you need to survive for 72 hours in case you have to leave your home quickly.

Here’s a great ‘ready-to-go’ kit that was featured on CNN. Executive 72-hour Kit
with Solar Upgrade

Be sure to throw in a flash drive that stores a copy of all your important documents.  If your house is destroyed, you’ll need these documents.

You’ll Need Lights And Fire

Emergency Lighting is essential, such as LED flashlights, candles, matches, etc.  A cool option is the ‘Nightstar 4 Shake Flashlight’ which you simply shake for 30 seconds to get 20 minutes of light.  Or a dynamo-handle powered unit let’s you have light without batteries.

An ‘Aurora Fire Starter’ is the best tool to have to create sparks to ignite a fire.

You Need To Be Able To Communicate

Mobile phones and the Internet may fail due to economic collapse or EMF surges from the Sun, so have a backup communication plan of where your family should meet in an emergency.

Katio KA 500 Ultra Solar Dynamo Survival RadioTo get emergency updates, you may not have electricity or batteries, so you need a radio that can be charged by cranking the dynamo handle
and by a solar panel.

I chose the Katio KA 500 Ultra Solar / Dynamo Powered Survival 5-Way  Emergency Radio

Have An Escape Plan

Have manual maps of your area and state, to be able to navigate away from your home in case of an emergency.

Reduce Your Dependence

If possible, move away from the city, so that you don’t have to compete with everyone for food and water, and be exposed to the dangers of desperate people.

The best investment right now may be farmland, as it gives you the ability to move away from the city, grow your own food, pump your own water, and protect yourself.

Invest in alternative energy sources to reduce reliance on the electrical grid.

Be Prepared To Defend Yourself

Learning self-defense to protect yourself and your family.  The Survive In Place – Urban Survival Guide is a great training resource.

Stock up on self defense items, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns and lots of ammunition.  Take gun training classes to become proficient.

Get a concealed carry permit and learn how to protect yourself.  The best resource is the United States Concealed Carry Association, which will also protect you in case you have to use your gun.

Prioritize your list of action items, and take action, as it’s too late to prepare when the emergency happens.

Prepare for the worst, plan for the best!


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