The Elevation Group Mike Dillard Review

The Elevation Group from Mike Dillard was recently formed as a result of his financial education and passion for helping others understand the money crisis.

The Elevation Group From Mike Dillard

My Money Mentor Mike Dillard

Through the years, Mike and I have both followed the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” to build passive income.

But when Robert published a book called “Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich – The 8 New Rules Of Money“, it really woke me up to the cause of the worldwide financial crisis.

The money crisis is so SIGNIFICANT that Mike Dillard stepped down as CEO of his multi-million dollar Internet marketing company in order to commit his life to providing financial education through The Elevation Group.

At this very moment, you and I are living through a process that will result in the LARGEST wealth transfer mankind has ever known…

If you are among the 95% of people around the world who are uneducated
and unaware of this event, you could LOSE everything.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to learn how to protect your savings, 401k, silver and gold, etc., as the elite are looking for ways to take possession of your money.

Relevant FINANCIAL EDUCATION is a must, to learn how to leverage the economic crisis to create wealth, so that you can provide for your family.

I highly recommend that you setup a time to watch Mike Dillard’s “How To Predict The Financial Future” Elevation Group webinar.

Watch This Vitally Important Video From Mike Dillard

The Elevation Group Webinar From Mike Dillard

Make sure you enter your information to get access to his 60-minute training video that will open your eyes to the current financial crisis and how to prepare to leverage this opportunity.

Below is a list of the trainings you will get access to as an Elevation Group member.

The Elevation Group Lesson 1 – Mike Dillard And Michael Maloney Show You How To Profit From the Greatest Wealth Transfer In History, That’s Taking Place Right Now

Of all the possible investment topics in the world right now, this one has been the most exciting to me since I began this journey in 2007, because the stakes, and the reward, has never been higher…

As I write this, the world sits upon the precipice of an unimaginable economic shift that will change the course of history in a way that has not been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire.

At this very moment, you and I are living through a process that will result in the largest wealth transfer mankind has ever known…

The Elevation Group Lesson 2 -Mike Dillard And Paul Haarman Shows You How To Become Your Own Bank and Retire Rich.

The old-school retirement strategy for the middle class of finding a financial advisor, and developing a diversified portfolio of mutual funds for the long-term is dead. Over. Done. Kaput. (Good riddance!)

Over the past three years, I’ve seen too many people in their 60’s and 70’s lose their ability to retire because the value of their nest-egg was tied to the stock market, and that’s been an extremely valuable lesson learned.

The Elevation Group Lesson 3 -Mike Dillard Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling Gold and Silver.

As we’ve already discussed during Lesson 1 with Michael Maloney on “wealth cycles”, he and I both believe that we’re in a MAJOR bull market for gold and silver right now.

In fact, I’ve been “All-In” in the precious metals since 2008, with 60% gains in gold, and 118% gains in silver so far.

In this edition of The Elevation Group, I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned over the past three years of study on this topic.

The Elevation Group Lesson 4 - Mike Dillard And Paul Haarman Show You How To Empower Your Children To Create A Billion Dollar Family Legacy.

Paul Haarman joins us again for one of the most incredible, eye-opening Lessons in the Elevation Group to date.

One of the pivotal decisions every parent will have to make, is what they’ll leave their children when they pass. Unfortunately what can be seen as a blessing or a gift can quickly turn into a curse, as you’ll discover through the story of the Rockefeller Family.

The Elevation Group Lesson 5 - Mike Dillard Interviews Simon Black On How And Why They’re Diversifying Their Assets Overseas.

I’ve heard it said more than once from the truly wealthy individuals I’ve met in my life…

Making money is easy… Keeping it’s the difficult part…

Today, we’re going to talk about a very important first step that I’m taking to keep and protect the money I make, which is international asset diversification. Simply put, I’m using legal means to move a growing portion of my assets overseas into foreign jurisdictions.


The Elevation Group Lesson 6 - Mike Dillard And Anthony Gaalaas Uncover the Dirty Little Secrets of the Credit Score Game To Maximize Your Investment Opportunities.

Generally, I have an “Excellent” credit score that hovers around 740, and I don’t have a single “derogatory” mark in my history… So why in the world did I hire a “Credit Consultant” to help me boost my score even higher?



As all of you know by now, I’m placing my bet on increasing rates of inflation over the next few years, and when it comes to times of high inflation, there are three primary ways to profit…

The Elevation Group Lesson 7 - Mike Dillard Interviews Gonzalo LirA On How To Profit From Hyperinflation

Learn how you can potentially leverage hyperinflation to multiply your wealth, pay off your mortgage and debts quickly, and buy assets cheaply in the future to create even more wealth.

Learn the potential leverage of cashing out of your 401k and/or IRA, to move into precious metals; and the implications if you stay in your paper assets.

The Elevation Group Video on Being PreparedThe Elevation Group Lesson 8 – Mike Dillard Shows You How To Prepare For The Worst Of Times, So You Will Only Know The Best Of Times…

This is going to be the first post of many over the next few weeks on the topic of “preparedness”, as it seems to finally be on the forefront of everyone’s mind thanks to the unimaginable events taking place in Japan…

In every tragedy there is a silver lining in the form of education… It gives each of us the opportunity to learn from past, in order to create a better, safer, more prosperous future.

The Elevation Group Interview With Kip HerriageThe Elevation Group Lesson 9 – Mike Dillard and Kip Herriage shows you how to protect profits in silver, how this all ends, and how to make 100% returns per year.

Lesson 9 is a power-packed conference all with one of Mike’s original mentors in investing, Kip Herriage. Kip is a former Wall Street’er who went solo many years ago and is the editor of one of the most successful stock portfolio newsletters in the world… How successful? Well 9 out of the last 10 years, it’s averaged a 100%+ return per year… When I want to know what’s going on in the market, and how to position my assets to profit, Kip is the guy I listen to most, and who’s portfolio I follow most. Period.


Watch Lesson 10 From The Mike Dillard Elevation GroupThe Elevation Group Lesson 10 – Mike Dillard And Paul Haarman Show You How To Legally “Free” Your IRA And Invest The Money Wherever You Choose….

While I don’t personally utilize an IRA, I can assume that many EVG Member’s do have one… It’s been one of the primary tools sold to the Middle Class over the past few decades… Well a few weeks ago, Paul Haarman found a way to free the money inside your IRA from it’s virtual prison… Legally, and penalty free.

Using this strategy, you can use the money in your IRA today to…

  • Buy and take delivery of physical gold and silver.
  • Purchase Tax Liens
  • Invest in real estate…
  • Structured Settlements
  • Private Mortgages
  • Managed Futures
  • Currency Trading
  • Hedge Funds
  • And Private Placements to name just a few…

This strategy also provides incredible asset protection benefits from litigation…



Get Access To Lesson 11 From The Mike Dillard Elevation GroupThe Elevation Group Lesson 11 -Mike Dillard, who has earned $20,000,000 in the past five years from home, teaches you how to increase your monthly cash flow with a home business.

It is my deepest hope that Lesson 11 with be the catalyst for you to break-free from this self-imposed financial prison, and provide you with the tools and knowledge you need in order to accomplish the single most important step to becoming ultra-wealthy…

Acquiring the ability to create cash flow on demand through your own business, so that you may break free from the invisible binds that declare what you are worth each month.

Over the past six months, one common trait has been shared by every single wealthy person I’ve met…

Each and every one of them owns a business. Without exception.

And on the flip side, I have yet to meet a single “wealthy “person who’s employed.

So if all evidence points to the fact that you MUST own a business to become rich, this may very well be the most important Lesson of this entire project for many of you…



Get Access To Lesson 11 From The Mike Dillard Elevation GroupThe Elevation Group Lesson 12 -Mike Dillard And Paul Haarman Show You A Three-Part Real Estate Strategy

Here’s a quick overview of what’s covered in this priceless edition of EVG

  • Is NOW the time to buy, or should you wait?
  • Am I buying in or waiting?
  • How do gold and silver fit into the picture?
  • What’s the minimum investment?
  • What are the expected returns?
  • Who is this type of investment best for?

The 3-Part strategy that can turn $10,000 into $3,900,000…


You can have immediate access to these exclusive detailed trainings and connections that will empower you to TAKE ACTION on what you learn.

If you’re the type of person who knows that they need financial education to overcome the strategies of the elite banks and government, then get setup as an EVG member today.

Mike offers a  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so there’s no risk in becoming a member.

The real risk is NOT learning these financial strategies and being a victim of inflation and a system that’s designed to work against you.


Watch Mike Dillard’s webinar to learn “How To Create (Or Recover), Incredible Wealth During Today’s Economic Crisis”

Prepare for the worst, plan for the best!


Get Your Elevation Group Membership Today

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  • David

    I joined this group and was studying the lessons but they have recently changed the web format and I can’t locate certain lessons like lesson 19.  Please advise.